HabitBoard is a simple and flexible habit tracker for iOS and iPadOS.

It helps me to keep on track of my intentional habits, informs my decisions, and supports me at paying attention. I always wanted to build the habit tracker of my liking and this is it — and I hope you’ll enjoy using it too!


Unlimited Habits

If you’re just starting out with one or two habits or already have a long list of things you want to keep track of — HabitBoard imposes no limitations on the number of habits you can track.

Historic Data

It provides a detailed calendar-like view of your historic data which grows over time. In addition, you get habit-specific statistics like current and longest streaks, completion rate, and count by week, month, and year.


HabitBoard makes provides meaningful and beautiful stats that give an overview over all your tracked habits. You can inspect your overall weekly and monthly completions, get an overall completion rate, and keep track of your daily completions.

Weekly Goals and Skipped Days

Some habits are not planned daily and HabitBoard makes it easy to configure automatically skipped days and weekly goals per habit. If you set a weekly goal, you’ll see an additional label for the current progress in the habit list.


You can add notes to individual days and review them for each habit. This can come handy to, e.g., remember why you marked a day as skipped, to keep track of when you start a new book with your reading habit, or take note when you start a new progression in your exercise habit.

Customizable Colors

Each habit can use colors according to your personal taste or for visual grouping of habits. You can customize both the colors for done and missed habit states.


HabitBoard offers new Lock Screen widgets and small, medium, and a large calendar-like widgets so that you can glance on your habits even if you’re not using the app.


With the “Mark habit as done” and “Set note for habit” Shortcuts actions, you can combine different tasks to automatically keep your HabitBoard up-to-date.

Archived Habits

Some things also come to an end (or are paused), so HabitBoard offers a dedicated place for archived habits. Habits that live there are still fully interactive, so it can also be used as a more private area for certain habits.

Configuration of List Labels

In my own practice of habit tracking, I’ve noticed that the current streak is not always the most meaningful metric — personally, I focus more on monthly completions. With HabitBoard, you can decide whether you want to display the current streak, weekly, monthly, and yearly completions in addition to the names in the habit list.

Daily Reminder

When you’re starting out, a daily reminder can be useful. If you want, the app notifies you when it’s time to review your HabitBoard for the day.

Automatic Backup and Sync

HabitBoard securely and privately backups and syncs your habits via iCloud. If you’re using a second device, your data is already there.